Killing Windows Scheduled Tasks running SharePoint scripts

Many SharePoint scripts are run using the native Windows Task Scheduler to automate actions while end-users are enjoying the portal experience.

Most of these are triggered at various intervals to update lists, send automatic email notifications, reminders or some important business information to stakeholders. At various instances, I recd. issues from end-users complaining about not receiving information on time that were triggered off using the task scheduler.

My investigation revealed that the Windows Task Scheduler has tasks that were running indefinitely with their status frozen on “Running”. This was an obvious concern as most of the scripts took fraction of a second to execute. Furthermore, if I right clicked an affected item and choose to “End Task” produced absolutely no effect.

Immediate response would be to end up rebooting the server or finding some other way of killing svchost.exe tasks that could kill your SharePoint processes if they were dependent on any. It was not the scripts in itself but the scheduler threads that launched and then hung themselves.

With a bit more digging around and research, I discovered that restarting the task scheduler service did the trick. Just launch Services.msc and restart the Windows Task Scheduler. The status on the hung tasks should clear themselves or refresh to reload new status.

I’m not sure what caused this to happen. Will debug my scripts to see if they are causing it to hang.

Nevertheless, one more issue workaround for making life easier…!

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